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9 hours ago

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Bjørn Einar LyngDu e superb 😀9 hours ago
Alex RojasI love you!40 minutes ago
Scarlett StarckFab eve ❤️9 hours ago

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9 hours ago

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Thanks for all your sweet words on my new song - Party's Over!!!! 🍓💞
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3 days ago

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Melissa Browni saw this post and my heart dropped in excitement i've. been waiting since my troye concert on halloween to get my hands on this song! so now i get to listen to it everyday oh wow i'm so happy2 days ago
Christopher ClineYou and your team are soooo talented! I could never get tired of your music!3 days ago   ·  2
Gaute Dirdal LundeJa nå har du køla over kællen si1 day ago   ·  1
Israel MenezesAstrid eu te imploroo <3 <3 <33 days ago   ·  1
Mauricio Sandovali listen your songs in sea fm finland the best radio3 days ago
Анатоли Лазаровi love youuu🔥🔥😍3 days ago
Denisa Andreea LucaBabyy <32 days ago
Scarlett StarckSee you Tuesday ... bring it loud lady ❤️x3 days ago
Mariana Gros Grindvoll🎲 6 - #onrepeat2 days ago
Arina Yaahnice tune ✨🎶3 days ago
Gabrielly Menezesso proud of you 🌹❤3 days ago
Donnie Watkins<3 Hope You Make It Big So Talented <33 days ago
Dominic RivetParty s it s over. Sometimes it s a need. Good job.🤔2 days ago
Thor-Arild ØdegaardThe one true star from Norway .You Are the best .3 days ago
Wilber Velaits so beautiful, i love it2 days ago
Gagan BatraI love you3 days ago
Evelyn Pazlove u3 days ago
Pedro B. MunozI love you!3 days ago
Sindre Helland❤❤3 days ago

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6 days ago

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Svein Ove BakkoIsn't that the same font as skam uses6 days ago   ·  6
Dorsa Chantelle RezaeiEmilia Olgun ahh hooket sitt det <36 days ago   ·  3
Thomas VestskogenEr på tide det, ser det ut som!6 days ago   ·  2
Célia RavaryC'est le Rus Pauline5 days ago   ·  1
Virginie ComtesseLéo so skam4 days ago   ·  1
Joss PlnrdRussefeiring!!! can't wait for the song! takk <36 days ago
LadyTove GrandeNEW SONG!!! AAAHHH 😍😍😍6 days ago
LadyTove GrandeAlejandro Vicente Ródenas mira esto!!!6 days ago
Sara LudvigsenLam wharrrt6 days ago
Linus LarssonYEEEESSSS!!!6 days ago
Toni-leigh O'neillIs this gonna be in skam or something 💙😭6 days ago
Shiwam AroraYOU MADE MY FRIDAY!!!!!!! 😍😍6 days ago
Liam TouheyWhen's naked!!???6 days ago
Tiril Hjelle AambøI'm crying😭😍6 days ago
Cecilia Borggaard BreumWhen will the song be out? I love it!!6 days ago
Rohan KasleWaiting😉5 days ago
Snaeha MathewElaine Farah i love kesha6 days ago
Katrine Fjelle DøvleLisa Sivertsen Bruheim spotter deg!!!6 days ago   ·  1
Oscar Vigdal EidemErik Fougner Magnussen 😎😎6 days ago   ·  2
Thea Svee HylenSara Dehli Navestad hahaah6 days ago   ·  1

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1 week ago

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Joshua CominsAstrid I'm coming to your concert tonight and it's my birthday today!! Can ya give me a shoutout 💛💛💛1 week ago
Анатоли ЛазаровSkylar Jo тя е една от причините да обичам швеция😍😍😍😍😍🔥1 week ago
Alex Rojasso hot1 week ago
Diego GonzalezI see you, and I feel happiness! :)1 week ago
Rushikesh DakaleLove you Astrid s forever1 week ago
Emily O. Laigo on wit your bad self gurrrrlll 👏1 week ago
Marius GheorgheI love you! :* 😁😁1 week ago
Ra Sha😍😍😍1 week ago
FatiMa ZohRa1 week ago
Lone Rath TorpDu e nydelige Astrid Smeplass1 week ago

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Growing up in the small, wintry town of Berkåk, Norway with less than 1,000 people, Astrid S was drawn to music at a very early age. She started playing piano when she was only six years old and began singing and writing songs as a young teenager. Although humbled by her small town upbringing, her musical desires eventually led her to move to Oslo, a much bigger city by comparison, at the age of 16 in order to make her musical dreams a reality.

 Within only a few short years, Astrid S became a household name across Norway and the EU. The now 20-year old singer-songwriter celebrated unprecedented success and acclaim with her debut EP Astrid S, which included her most popular single yet “Hurts So Good.” Tracks such as “Paper Thin,” “2AM,” “Hyde” and her collaboration with producer Matoma “Running Out” have contributed to her rapidly growing fan base worldwide and status as a Spotify Spotlight Artist.

 The original version of “Hurts So Good” charted in 21 countries worldwide on iTunes and has already reached 120 million streams on Spotify. Her entire catalog will soon surpass 400 million streams across the service.

 Astrid’s successes have led to collaborations with Avicii, Matoma and Shawn Mendes and gave her her first MTV EMA Award (Best Norwegian Act – 2015). She also received her first Norwegian Grammy Award for Newcomer of the Year and received multiple other nominations including Track of the Year for “Hurts So Good” in 2016 and for “2AM” in 2015.

Astrid S spent much of 2016 opening for Australian sensation Troye Sivan (Youth) on his sold out European and North American tours. Additionally, Astrid S headlined her first European tour, which sold out in matter of hours and gave fans in many countries the opportunity to see her play for the first time.

 Astrid S will treat her fans with more new music this year – including her new single “Breathe.” “Breathe” was co-written together with Oscar Holter, Rickard Göransson, Asia Whitacre and produced by Oscar Holter for Wolf Cousins in Los Angeles. “Breathe” is the first glimpse at the next chapter for Astrid S.


Interstellar Management:
Halvor Marstrander

Sr. Project Manager, Universal Music:
Anette Andersen

Press/promotion, Universal Music:
Charlotte Öqvist

Universal Music International:
Chris Nelson

Foundations Artist Management (USA):
Steve Bursky

Drew Simmons

Mark Ngui, CAA (Europe)

Brian Manning, CAA (USA)

Thomas Olavsen, TimeOut Agency (Norway)