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2 days ago

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Thomas VestskogenDet er over der, men litt under den øverste delen i den bakerste rekken å om du står der borte å strekker deg når du inn i den!1 day ago   ·  1
Alex RojasI love you baby!2 days ago
Ra Sha😘💯❤👆2 days ago   ·  1
Geir Christian ArntzenNydelige astrid;)1 day ago
Rushikesh DakaleLove you Astrid s forever 😇😇😇😘😉🙏1 day ago
Héverton MendesCandido Tomaz hinário chegando2 days ago   ·  1

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My EP is out in 7 days!!!! :):):):)) ... See MoreSee Less

5 days ago

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Nick Michael Sthats nice. But i cant even buy a carbon copy of it...i wanted to buy your EP disc with this pi days ago
Eli Rodthank you queen of scandinavian pop5 days ago   ·  1
LadyTove Grande5 days ago   ·  1
Kaleb CrawfordSo stoked 💓💓💓💓5 days ago
Gaurav KumarYou are looking very pretty.5 days ago   ·  1
Mary DinhSampras Trinh yaaaas little queen4 days ago   ·  1
Wiggo BerggrenGleder meg🎂🎼5 days ago
Sude GöçmezHermannnn 😻😻😻5 days ago
Andrew Joseph GarrettSuper excited💯💯💯💯5 days ago
Rushikesh DakaleLove u astrid s5 days ago
Zsolt Bárdfalvi5 days ago
Jonathan JebaWow5 days ago
Red BaceaEvery single day you make me fall for you and your voice 😍5 days ago
Рубен Диасглаза не врут4 days ago
Tamana MohabatÄr du lika taggad som jag eller? 😌💛4 days ago
Darek Olszewski:))!!4 days ago
YiFan LaiPiyamon 😍😍😍😍😍4 days ago
Patrick HardyMatt Fenerty4 days ago   ·  1

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Holy macaroni! Tuuuuuune of the weeeeek! Thanks to BBC1! ... See MoreSee Less

1 week ago

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Kin ToI heard this song today on the radio, first time I heard Astrid S on the radio ever. Did well.4 days ago
Vitoria Domingos1 week ago   ·  1
Dominic RivetI like 🍝1 week ago
Ingrid Lorentzen Walther👏👏👏1 week ago

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BEHIND THE SCENES FRA MUSIKKVIDEO INNSPILLING og en fyr som tryner i trappa hehehhe :) ... See MoreSee Less

1 week ago

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Keeley Apperley'the guy who falls on the stairs' Herman tømmeraas1 week ago   ·  1
Alex VBPoor Herman hahaha1 week ago
Abdullah AlyaserHahahaha great idea 🎐🎉💿1 week ago
Mehmet AtarCapture the moment😂😂😂😂😂1 week ago
Tiril Hjelle AambøNår kommer musikk videoen ut?1 week ago

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Hei hei hallo!!!! Denne er ute i dag. Tusen takk til NRK P3 / Christine Dancke for at jeg får gi ut opptaket, Sjur / Kaja for at dere spiller så fint på gitar / chello, og synger!!! Og ikke minst all cred og kjærlighet til Cezinando for at du lager så sinnsykt bra og fin musikk!!!!! Dere er bezt!!!! <3 ... See MoreSee Less

2 weeks ago

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Julie Kjoshagen BakkenJeg så det nettopp på spotify, ble så glad <3 <3 <3 Tusen tusen takk!2 weeks ago
Kristina Maria Erlandperfekt.2 weeks ago
Simen Lyngroth🙌🙌2 weeks ago

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Growing up in the small, wintry town of Berkåk, Norway with less than 1,000 people, Astrid S was drawn to music at a very early age. She started playing piano when she was only six years old and began singing and writing songs as a young teenager. Although humbled by her small town upbringing, her musical desires eventually led her to move to Oslo, a much bigger city by comparison, at the age of 16 in order to make her musical dreams a reality.

 Within only a few short years, Astrid S became a household name across Norway and the EU. The now 20-year old singer-songwriter celebrated unprecedented success and acclaim with her debut EP Astrid S, which included her most popular single yet “Hurts So Good.” Tracks such as “Paper Thin,” “2AM,” “Hyde” and her collaboration with producer Matoma “Running Out” have contributed to her rapidly growing fan base worldwide and status as a Spotify Spotlight Artist.

 The original version of “Hurts So Good” charted in 21 countries worldwide on iTunes and has already reached 120 million streams on Spotify. Her entire catalog will soon surpass 400 million streams across the service.

 Astrid’s successes have led to collaborations with Avicii, Matoma and Shawn Mendes and gave her her first MTV EMA Award (Best Norwegian Act – 2015). She also received her first Norwegian Grammy Award for Newcomer of the Year and received multiple other nominations including Track of the Year for “Hurts So Good” in 2016 and for “2AM” in 2015.

Astrid S spent much of 2016 opening for Australian sensation Troye Sivan (Youth) on his sold out European and North American tours. Additionally, Astrid S headlined her first European tour, which sold out in matter of hours and gave fans in many countries the opportunity to see her play for the first time.

 Astrid S will treat her fans with more new music this year – including her new single “Breathe.” “Breathe” was co-written together with Oscar Holter, Rickard Göransson, Asia Whitacre and produced by Oscar Holter for Wolf Cousins in Los Angeles. “Breathe” is the first glimpse at the next chapter for Astrid S.


Interstellar Management:
Halvor Marstrander

Sr. Project Manager, Universal Music:
Anette Andersen

Press/promotion, Universal Music:
Trine Hartz

Foundations Artist Management (USA):
Steve Bursky

Drew Simmons

Mark Ngui, CAA (Europe)

Brian Manning, CAA (USA)

Thomas Olavsen, TimeOut Agency (Norway)