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2 months ago

Astrid S

It’s been five years since “Hurts So Good” was released for the first time. I love watching the song travel across borders, and seeing all your TikTok’s. I’ve made a brand new 2021-version for you together with Maximillian and Kina. I hope you like it 🤩🌟 ... See MoreSee Less

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Hurts so good, was the first song that I listened and immediately I fell in love of your voice. Astrid you are amazing, I hope to meet you someday. I love you, a big hug from Peru

It's been my favourite when I was in college. I heard it all the time in Pakistan

in my life i heard many greats songs of this style beautiful as this i must say hat down astrid s. for me you are the best singer in the world and not just a singer and a beautiful woman just world best

I love this song everyday i want to heard it when im in bad mood this song keep me calm🥰🥰🥰☺❤❤❤💌

I love this song، The first song I heard and started following you🤗🌺


I love you Astrid! 🇵🇭🥰

It is almost 70M views on YouTube, yeepee💗

Can't wait for more new song 💕

I love you😌🌚 ❤️

Absolutely beautiful ❤️

The best song I have ever heard!

I can't wait to hear it! I really love the song! 👏👏👏

proud of uuuu 💙

I really love you and your song

Astrid S ♥️♥️♥️♥️

Beautiful ❤❤

متى بد نزلي اغنيه جديده

still fav ❤️🥀

I love it!!!! ♥️♥️♥️

Fire 🔥


Morgan Apperley bn tour mems

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2 months ago

Astrid S

Releasing a new version of Hurts So Good this friday!!!! 💓💓💓 Pre-save: ... See MoreSee Less

Releasing a new version of Hurts So Good this friday!!!! 💓💓💓 Pre-save:

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I was just singing it this morning. Signs everywhere, meant to be haha 💕

Love this song so much ❤️

Love ya astrid💖

The lyrics is so painful but i like it istg😂

One of my favorite songs! 😍

Kina er jo sick producer kis

Astrid i love your songs your song hurts so good is my most favorete song i heard

The lyrics are so deep😫❤️


Hey, would yoy accept me in your friend list???


Ahhh can't wait😩❤️❤️

iloveyousomuch astridddd!!!


Love it!❤️



Love you so much 😘😘 Please leave a comment... 😉

omggggg!!! can't waaaaaait aaaaaa!!!!


Bjarte, Hide & seek X hurt so good?🤫

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3 months ago

Astrid S

Hei mine venner!!! Jeg har ikke postet noe på en stund, fordi jeg har vært opptatt med å lære meg å ri på hest og skyte pil og bue! Jeg har nemlig blitt spurt om å spille *les som Knut Risan* aaaaskepååått i Tre Nøtter Til Askepott. Første innspillingsdag i dag!!!! ... See MoreSee Less

Hei mine venner!!! Jeg har ikke postet noe på en stund, fordi jeg har vært opptatt med å lære meg å ri på hest og skyte pil og bue! Jeg har nemlig blitt spurt om å spille *les som Knut Risan* aaaaskepååått i Tre Nøtter Til Askepott. Første innspillingsdag i dag!!!!

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Altså, her var du VAKKER!! Perfekt casting x

Wow, så spennende! (y) Det ska bli arti å sjå! 😍

Så gøy! Tvi, tvi!👍🏼😄

Åååå jeg visste vel at Askepott kom fra Berkåk 🥰🙌 Du ser fantastisk ut 🌟🌟🌟

Norges nydeligste jente må jo vere perfekt til det👍

Så gøy!😃👍 Husker da du hadde hovedrollen i "Sommer i Tyrol ved Den hvite hest" i 10 klasse, at den jenta må satse videre på musikk og teater/film. Så bra at du gjorde det, og jeg gleder meg til å se deg som Askepott💃 Lykke til med innspillingen💖🍀Hilsen fra tante til de fire jentene på Lånke gård😉

Jeg trodde det var Elsa i Frost du skulle forestille. Nydelig hvertfall ⚘

Såååå artig. Hurra. Gleder meg med alt du får til. Stå på Astrid. Glæ mæ te å sjå fine Askepotten vår💥💥💥💥

Ingen i Norge's land passer bedre til å spille Askepott enn deg!Du er jo Askepott!💐

Så gøy!! Gleder meg til november 🌰🌰🌰 Hvor spilles filmen inn?

Passer til deg det👍Arti med nye utfordringer👍

Nææ så gøy! Det blir moro å se! 3 nøtter til Askepott trengte jo virkelig en ny vår 👸🏼❤️

👍Wow! 👏👏Lykke til Astrid!😊

Stas! 🙏🏻 Lykke til.

Utrolig gøy at det er deg!!! Selveste Astrid fra Berkåk!! Du ser nydelig ut og har det riktige glimtet i øyet - helt klart 🙌🙌🙌💕

Come to India once, you're such a rareest talent! I appreciate that Astrid S

Lykke til, dette blir spennende, vi gleder oss til å se filmen 👍👏👌🌺🎶

Malene spennende å se ny versjon😍

Nydeleg Askepott , lukke til !

Du ser ut som Askepott🥰gleder meg til å se en norsk versjon av askepott.😊😊

I love your voice astrid😊❤

You look so beautiful and sweet in this photo ! 💕

Fantastisk! Gleder meg til å se resultatet 👍👍

Elin Beate Løvstad gjett om vi glede oss til å se en ny versjon av askepott 😍😍😍

Nydligste Askepott ever, gleder mig til å se denna😍

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With over 2,3 billion streams on hit singles including “Hurts So Good”, “Think Before I Talk” and “Emotion”, Astrid has sold out world tours and was awarded “Artist of The Year” award at the Norwegian Grammys.

She is doing it all on her own terms, writing and producing her own songs and directing her own music videos. In October 2020 she released her highly anticipated debut album “Leave It Beautiful”.

The album is a story of Astrid S’ journey, where we get to know a more vulnerable side of Astrid. The highly personal songs evolve around the aftermath of different breakups and big changes in Astrid´s life. Expressing a story about coming of age and being grateful for what she has experienced.

Astrid S recently released “Leave It Beautiful (Complete)”, consisting of original tracks from the album, as well as hits including “I Do” with the country-star Brett Young, “Think Before I Talk”, and of course all time favorite “Hurts So Good”.

The original version of “Hurts So Good” has racked over 870M streams to date, and has become a fan favourite on TikTok resulting in global trends across TikTok, Spotify & YouTube.

Astrid’s sparkling presence has gathered millions of followers across all major social media, sharing moments and interacting with fans across the world from upbeat TikTok’s to engaging acoustic sessions on YouTube. This has seen her YouTube numbers more than double within the past year to a staggering 750k subscribers on that platform alone.

Astrid has shown that she can do it all; in November 2021 she will make her Norwegian acting debut as Cinderella in a remake of the classic movie “Three Wishes for Cinderella”.

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